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The Whirlwind Tour

Last Friday we gave a tour of the Presidio to five travel agents from the United Kingdom who had never been to California, let alone Santa Barbara.  Our challenge: give the entire tour in twenty minutes or less!

Mike Imwalle leading the tour. Photo by Anne Petersen

Our neighbors at the Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau and Film Commission organized this visit for foreign travel agents, who visited Santa Barbara for a scant twenty-four hours.  At the start of the day, they broke up into small groups of five and, scavenger hunt-style, followed clues that led them to venues all over downtown; at each location they spent a total of twenty minutes.

We hope we made an impression at the Presidio during their very busy day.  The good news is, we walked the entire site, and we think we covered the highlights.

If you had twenty minutes to give a tour of the Presidio, what would you make sure not to miss?



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