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Since July 2020, the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation's membership program, SBTHP Advocates, offers membership to any individual donating $50 or more to SBTHP. There are no tiered membership levels.


If you have any additional questions than those outlined below, please email or call us at (805) 961-5376.



What benefits do I receive when I become an Advocate?

With a donation of $50 or more, you’ll receive the following benefits:




  • A subscription to receive the historical periodical La Campana twice (2) per year.


  • 10% discount on all items purchased online and in-store at El Presidio de Santa Bárbara SHP or Casa de la Guerra gift shops.

  • Monthly enewsletter exclusively for members.


How do I utilize my benefits?

  • To visit SBTHP properties for free and/or use your 10% discount in-person, just mention your name to SBTHP staff.


  • If you’re ordering online, use the member code issued each month and shared in our enewsletter or contact us for most up-to-date code.


  • For discounted and/or free events, SBTHP will provide direction.


If you have any questions related to the gift shop, please call (805) 963-0095.


Do I need to carry a membership card?

We no longer print membership cards and staff will contact you when your membership is up for renewal.

How long are benefits valid?

They’re good for one year, through the end of the month of your join or renewal date. For example, if you joined or renewed on July 14 - your membership would run one year, ending on July 31 the following year.

Previously, I was able to gift a membership to an individual as a membership benefit. If I give at the same amount, will I still receive this benefit?

No, we longer offer that benefit. We always welcome new members and you can purchase gift memberships here.



Is it possible to receive all SBTHP communication digitally?

Yes! Please contact us by calling (805) 961-5376 or by email and let us know you’d like to receive everything digitally.

Is it possible to receive La Campana digitally as well?

As of right now, no. 

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