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SBTHP’s Social Media Madness!

by Brittany Avila

In an effort to spread the beauty that lies within our various sites to a broader range of people in a creative way, SBTHP has added Instagram to our list of social media connections. Through Instagram we can record SBTHP events as well as document artifacts, our buildings, and their various assets through the use of photography. Instagram has different settings that allows us produce artistic pictures that are more eye catching to our audiences.

Instagram works a lot like Facebook, except that it’s an application only for smart phones and is used for the sole purpose of sharing pictures. We post pictures to the SBTHP Instagram profile, and can also share them with our other social media sites, overall allowing us to present the historic sites of the Presidio Neighborhood in a more aesthetic light on the web!

Like other social media sites, we gain followers who are also on Instagram which will hopefully allow us to reach more people and generate interest in SBTHP. Our followers can not only view the pictures we post, but also “like” them and leave comments so that we can see the their reactions and feedback.

If you have a smart phone, please follow us on Instagram at usnername: SBTHP. If you are not currently on Instagram, join in the new age of photography by downloading the free app on your smart phone and signing up.

Lastly, if you have taken what you believe to be some spectacular photos of any of the sites in the Presidio Neighborhood, we want to hear from you! Please send your photos to for the possibility of having them show up on our Instagram feed and our other social media sites!

Brittany Avila is the Office Manager at SBTHP and an avid Instagrammer.

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