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Presidio Pastimes by Candlelight: Update!

By Karen Schultz Anderson

Did you have a chance to visit the Santa Barbara Presidio on the evening of March 1st when it was ablaze with candlelight? Luminaria lined the sidewalks around the Presidio, and candles illuminated interior spaces of the fort.  Inside you could have found soldados in conversation, dancers and musicians performing Early California pieces, a padre deep in concentration, young ladies shucking wheat, and a cook chopping vegetables for Albondigas soup, amongst other things.  This free event, part of First Thursday, attracted about 150 people who enjoyed wandering around the site, looking for the next surprise around a candlelit corner.

Take a look at these beautiful photographs by Clint Weisman Studios and revisit the Santa Barbara Presidio by Candlelight! Do you want to see more photos? We’ve got a bunch on our Flickr site.  Feel free to share them with friends via the social media and email links on Flickr. If you missed the event, don’t despair.  We’ve already set a date for next year—Thursday February 7, 2013!

Karen Schultz Anderson, Director Education, is now working on two April events — Early California Days for selected schoolchildren on April 20 and the Santa Barbara Presidio’s Founding Day for the whole community on April 21.



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