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Party at Jimmy’s, 1947: Recognize Anyone?

Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens, June 15, 1947. Courtesy of Carlos Hidalgo and the Hidalgo Family.

Carlos Hidalgo and his sisters Maria and Aricelli recently donated a scan of this wonderful image from the dining room of Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens to the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation’s Presidio Research Center.   The date of the photo, June 15, 1947, is written on the back.  Carlos, Maria and Aricelli are the children of the man visible in profile on the left of the table, Richard Hidalgo, a prominent business man, Santa Barbara City Council member, and El Presidente of Old Spanish days Fiesta in 1979.

The Hidalgo family and all of us here at SBTHP are very interested in learning the identities of the other people shown in the photo.  If you recognize anyone, please leave a comment to this post and help us fill in the missing names!



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