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New Publication about El Presidio de Santa Barbara in the shop!

birth of a city

We asked longtime SBTHP volunteer and founder of Los Soldados de Cuera, Mike Hardwick, for his thoughts on the new piece, and here’s what he shared with us:

The mini-book timeline, El Presidio de Santa Barbara: Birth of a City, is an excellent and beautifully illustrated publication. It is well researched and provides the reader with a quick historical reference to the major events highlighting the development of the City of Santa Barbara.  Focusing on the nuclear heart of the City where the last Royal Presidio in New Spain was founded in 1782, the timeline quickly moves the reader from prehistory of Santa Barbara to the present day.  The mini book is just thirteen pages and is colorfully illustrated. Each page covers an important historic period.  The timeline starts by describing The First People, moves to Early Development of the Presidio (1782-1784), progresses to The Presidio Neighborhood Transforms (1870-1930), and ends with Rebirth of the Presidio (1959-Present).  A handy reference, this booklet is great value for the money and is a must for any library.


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