Anacapa Interns Plant the Future of Santa Barbara Presidio

Daisy, Morgan Lauren and Ray on the job. Photo by Mike Imwalle.

At the beginning of the Spring Semester Anacapa School students Daisy Gonzalez, Morgan Lamberti, Lauren Sloan and Ray Johnson began their Presidio Heritage Garden internships with the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.

Planting a new bed. Photo by Mike Imwalle.

We began our work in the garden by clearing out the dead plants from last season. Since we started, we have planted Fava beans, Christmas Lima beans, Kentucky Wonder green beans, artichokes, carrots, radishes, broccoli, onions, celery, tomatoes, strawberries, and a variety of herbs.

Harvesting vegetables. Photo by Mike Imwalle.

The Santa Barbara Presidio Heritage Garden produces phenomenal produce. Every day we enjoy fresh juicy oranges. The broccoli was more delicious than anything you could find at the store. The loquats are also the intern’s favorite afternoon snack to enjoy in the sun.

The Presidio chickens. Photo by Mike Imwalle.

The job has its hazards. Especially when the wind picks up and creates a dust storm in front of the Presidio. Lauren was almost hit with a sign. We all returned to school with dirt in their shirts, hair, and teeth. We have so much fun as interns, that even when Ray falls in a cactus, he still wants to come back.


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