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Gifts to our Wish List support programs and activities at the Santa Barbara Trust for

Historic Preservation.  The items listed offer many fun and exciting options for your support.

We know you will find something on this list that will surprise you and give you an insider's look into what it takes to

preserve, restore, and interpret the history of Santa Barbara County.  Your monetary contribution will enable us to

purchase the items listed, and in turn will help us provide a better experience for our members and visitors.


If you are a specialized equipment dealer or manufacturer please call the Development Office at (805) 966-1279to ask about

tax-deductible product gifts.  All gifts to the Wish List are fully tax-deductible and each gift will be formally acknowledged.

Sponsor Tours of the Santa Ines Mission Mills 


Underwrite Presidio Pastimes (living history event)


Underwrite La Campana for One Year


Underwrite the Asian American Film Series 


Underwrite Staffing

of the Casa de la Guerra


Statues for Niches

in Presidio Chapel


Purchase Van for Transporting Visitors




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