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Early Santa Barbara Virtual History Lessons

Explore the short educational videos and resources below to learn Santa Barbara history. Scroll down to learn early Santa Barbara dances step-by- step, sing along to the folk songs and hymns of early California, and meet a soldier that inhabited the Presidio over 200 year ago! 


Our Early Santa Barbara Virtual History Lessons are produced by our staff and volunteers and were specifically designed by seasoned educators to align with the 3rd-5th grade California State Content Standards and Curriculum Framework for Social Sciences. However, the lessons are fun and educational for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. 


All digital lessons are free to access and can be found below >>

Lesson 1: Early California Dance
Lesson 2: Early California Music
Lesson 3: Early California Dance, Part 2
Lesson 4: Early California Music, Part 2
Lesson 5: Early California Dance, Part 3
Lesson 6: Early California Music, Part 3
Lesson 7: Learn About Los Soldados
Lesson 8: Learn About the History of Ceramics
Lesson 9: Learn How to Make Pottery
Lesson 10: The Study of Archaeology
Lesson 11: The Study of Archaeology, Part 2
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