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Presidio Chapel Doors

Presidio Chapel Doors email(2).png

All we can say is thank you. We were able to raise the needed $15,000 to replace the Chapel Doors at El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park and we're proud to announce they are now installed!

Presidio Chapel doors edited.jpg

The new Presidio Chapel doors. Photo by Tim Aceves.

Recently featured on our blog, Dispatches from the Presidio Neighborhood, the doors required the fabrication of new doors, mounted on new pivot hinges on a new threshold, and the restoration of the existing lock hardware. To read more about the installation click here, or learn more about the background of the project below >>

Chapel under construction showing doors

Construction of Chapel, March 1986.

The Restoration Project

When you last walked through the large wooden doors of the Chapel at El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park, it was likely for an occasion that has fixed in your memory.  It may have been to celebrate one of life’s important rituals, perhaps a beautiful wedding ceremony with your loved ones, or to participate in the joyful sounds of a concert by our Musicians in Residence, the Folk Orchestra of Santa Barbara. Maybe you celebrated the holidays with your family by singing the traditional songs at Una Noche de Las Posadas.  Now, with your help - we'll repair and replace these doors so that others may pass through them for the important events in their lives. 


Las Posadas, 2019. Photo by Dr. Paul Mori.

34047968234_d68860b51e_o (1).jpg

Founding Day, 2017. Photo by Fritz Olenberger.

The Presidio Chapel was the central meeting place and place of worship for the first European settlers of Santa Barbara in the late-18th century and continues to serve the community today. Since its re-dedication in 1985, the reconstructed Santa Barbara Presidio Chapel has been the site of hundreds of weddings, memorials, visiting dignitary receptions and other community celebrations. The doors are an iconic feature of El Presidio State Historic Park (SHP) and are the main entrance and exit for all events.  They are opened to the public 363 days a year. 

Asian American Neighborhood Festival 201

Asian American Neighborhood Festival, 2016. Photo by Fritz Olenberger.

After thirty-four years of use, the doors are in need of major repairs due to the deterioration of the wood. Thanks to your support - we'll be able to fund the fabrication of two new custom-milled doors, hand-forged nails and door hardware, replace the threshold, install the new doors and hardware, and the re-install of the existing hand-forged lock. 


Presidio Pastimes by Candlelight, 2014. Photo by Fritz Olenberger.

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