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Enhancing the Visitor Experience at Casa de la Guerra


Photo by Leela Cyd.

You may have read about the recent changes to the visitor experience at Casa de la Guerra in SBTHP’s membership publication, La Campana. Some of you have seen those changes for yourselves, at our Rediscovering Casa de la Guerra event, while on a tour, or as a repeat visitor. We know you’ll agree that the changes are impactful, from the new bilingual interpretive panels and brochure, to the new immersive rooms without ropes and barriers and with touchable surfaces; there is a lot to explore.

The new experience at Casa de la Guerra relies on the visitors’ powers of observation and exploration to guide them, and one of the sensory experiences we would like to heighten with your help, is sound. Imagine that instead of reading on an interpretive panel that the many children in the de la Guerra family slept in the attic, you heard their scampering footsteps and giggles racing along the ceiling? Or if you lean over to get a better look at the hole at the bottom of a door wondering, “what was this for?” you heard the surprised “meow!” of the four-legged family member who uses that hole as a portal to pass between rooms.

The possibilities for interpretation with sound are endless, thanks to the extensive historical research available, and the talents of an incredible sound engineer we work with. We won’t give away all the secrets, so you can experience them for yourself, but we are sure you’ll take pride in having been a part of their creation.

We can implement this delightful new feature to Casa de la Guerra for $10,000 with your support.

Thank you in advance for your gift to enhance the experience at Casa de la Guerra.

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