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New Collections Website!

Collections Online homepage

The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation (SBTHP) is proud to announce the arrival of our new Collections website! The new site is fully revamped, more interactive, and easier to use so you can have better access to all of the online resources SBTHP has to offer. The website features online exhibits, collections, and a wide variety of digital resources that better illuminate the history of Santa Barbara and the Presidio Neighborhood. The website also showcases the breadth and variety of items in our collection and makes it easier to explore the hundreds of photographs, oral histories, and other artifacts that are available to the public.

The Lugo Adobe page in the Fridolin Haass watercolors collection.

The website is organized into two basic categories: Collections and Exhibits. Collections are sets of items are meant to be viewed together. For example, the Fridolin Haass Watercolors of Santa Barbara Adobes showcases a collection of exquisitely detailed watercolors by Fridolin Haass that Pearl Chase commissioned in the 1950s to capture the beauty of Santa Barbara’s historic adobe buildings. Each item, like “Feliz-Goux Adobe 12 West Carrillo Street”, features a description of the image as well as information about the physical item. Check out this as well as other collections, like the Oral Histories and the Presidio Neighborhood Mental Map Project.

A page from the Casa de la Guerra Restoration exhibit.

Exhibits offer a more in-depth exploration of the Presidio’s past and present. For example, Archaeological Discoveries During the Casa de la Guerra Restoration lets you explore the archaeological excavation and restoration of Casa de la Guerra, which occurred between 1992 and 2006. The exhibit uses photographs taken on site, diagrams and field notes, and interviews with lead archaeologist Michael Imwalle to give you an inside look at the excavation and let you be part of the discovery process!

We hope you enjoy all the exciting features of our new Collections website—and, most importantly, we hope you share your discoveries! Each image or audio file includes a variety of social media links so you can get the word out. Let’s let the world know how wonderful Santa Barbara and its history are!



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