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Holiday Shopping at El Presidio SHP’s La Tiendita

by Susan Zamudio-Gurrola When doing your holiday shopping, consider stopping by El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park to browse through the selection of items at La Tiendita. Each purchase will help support the mission of SBTHP, and SBTHP members will receive their member discount on all purchases. Betsy Green’s new book, Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1914, recounts newsworthy events that were featured in articles written during 1914 in the Santa Barbara Morning Press and the Daily News & Independent. Interesting and often amusing things to make the headlines included declaring that the tango incited the “looseness of morals”; the account of a storm flooding Santa Barbara severely enough to wash away homes, sections of bridges and pavement; photographs of the Mexican Revolution being brought to the U.S. and shown to the public at the Mission Theater; Paris fashion dictating at the time that “ankles will now be freely displayed” instead of discreetly covered; famous individuals such as Helen Keller visiting Santa Barbara; and the legendary dancer Martha Graham once living in our beautiful city. Grab a copy of this enjoyable read today!

California Missions shirt
Taza Chocolate Mexicano
Presidio glossy tiles Dec. 2014 (800x600)
Gift basket example (742x800)
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