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Group of artists gather in the courtyard of Casa de la Guerra

Members of the Flying Colors Art workshop. Photo by Anne Petersen,

We were pleasantly surprised to host a group of artists in the courtyard of Casa de la Guerra on May 2.  The group, hosted by  Brenda Swenson, is with Flying Colors Art, and are conducting painting workshops in Santa Barbara.

Brenda Swenson with Flying Colors Art. Photo by Anne Petersen.

The courtyard of Casa de la Guerra looks out into De La Guerra Plaza, which was once also owned by the de la Guerra family.  Today it holds some of the City’s most iconic architecture, including City Hall and the Santa Barbara News-Press building.  Many of the students watched while one of their members  painted an architectural vista of the plaza, while Brenda herself created a beautiful portrait of the pepper tree in front of City Hall.

Thank you for visiting , Flying Colors Art, and for helping all of us slow down and appreciate the beauty around us in downtown Santa Barbara.



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