Encouraging our Fledgling Winter Garden.

The Presidio Heritage Garden is experiencing a seasonal transition.  If you haven’t visited recently, this would be a nice time to stop by to see what’s new.   Several weeks ago we harvested late summer and fall crops including three different varieties of potatoes (grown in buckets) and Christmas lima beans.

Harvesting potatoes (left) and Christmas lima beans (right). Photos by Anne Petersen.

We recently planted several new winter crops at the Presidio Northeast Corner garden in well-groomed and fertilized beds prepared by our United Way Day of Caring volunteers back in September. We look forward to seeing all of our spinach, fennel, fava beans, turnips, parsnips and carrots sprout into their hardy and mighty adult selves, and may be hovering a bit too closely as we wait, impatiently.  The fava beans, grown from last year’s seed, and the turnips have sprouted, and we are sure the others are not far behind.  See you in the garden!

Fava beans grown from last year’s seed peek out of the soil this week. Photo by Anne Petersen

Fava beans from last spring’s harvest. Photo by Anne Petersen.


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