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Digitizing the Past: the Delfina de la Guerra Collection

by Katherine Lowe

Librarian Torie Quiñonez holds an object for photographer Lael Wageneck. Photo by Anne Petersen.

In the course of scanning items for the Delfina de la Guerra collection, we discovered that certain formats would not fit or were too delicate to be placed on the scanner bed. What’s a Research Center to do? Call in a photographer, of course!

Photo by Lael Wageneck.

A local photographer, Lael Wageneck, volunteered his time and brought his camera and lighting gear to the Presidio Research Center one afternoon to photograph some of the items in the Delfina collection. Lael says, “I’m a Santa Barbara native who likes photography and history, so helping the Trust was right up my alley and I enjoyed doing it.”

Photo by Lael Wagonek.

Thanks to Lael, we were able to take high-quality photographs of the plant clippings, scrapbooks, and oversized photographs. These photos will become part of the digital collection that we are creating for the Delfina de la Guerra collection.

Thanks, Lael!

Katherine Lowe is a volunteer at the Presidio Research Center. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the hidden treasures lurking in archives.

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