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A Taste of the Presidio Gardens

Last evening we held a very special event in celebration of the Presidio Gardens. Several wonderful volunteers and staff took our guests through the garden and pointed out the many plants that are blooming and fruiting this spring, including the first tiny buds that will develop into grapes on our Mission San Gabriel grape vine, many fragrant herbs that made it through our mild winter and have come roaring back in the last  month, the large green pods of bushy fava bean plants,  and the drying stalks of our winter White Sonoran Wheat crop.

Menu from “A Taste of the Presidio Gardens.”

Inside the Cocina we served small bites made from  the garden’s spring harvest, including flatbreads made with whole wheat crust ground from our own wheat, and a cabbage and carrot salad with veggies harvested just an hour earlier. If you haven’t been to the Presidio gardens recently, please do come by.  At this time of year, it just looks better and better out there every day.



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