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2016 Presidio Descendant’s Luncheon

by Mary Louise Days

Photo by Suzi Bellman

Photo by Suzi Bellman

On October 29, 2016 the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation and its Genealogy and Descendants Committee hosted its annual luncheon for Presidio descendants at the Alhecama Theatre at El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park.   More than ninety guests enjoyed the tamales “with all the trimmings” lunch, as well as a variety of good beverages, tasteful decorations, and wonderful companions.

Photo by Suzi Bellman.

Debra Prescott Waterfall with Daniel Espeseth. Photo by Suzi Bellman.

Staff and volunteers did a yeoman job of setting up tables and chairs, pop-up covers, serving and registration tables, raffle prizes, etc.  Guests were thrilled to receive the tile favors made by Jeannie Davis.  Suzi Bellman created exciting table decorations and displays enjoyed by all.  Her husband Rocky and Debby Aceves’s husband Roger did a tremendous job where volunteer muscle was needed.  There were commendable displays of female strength as well.  SBTHP Board President Terease Chin worked hard during the whole event.

Photo by Suzi Bellman.

Photo by Suzi Bellman.

Competition for the beautiful raffle gifts was hot, with funds going toward the committee’s projects.  Luis Moreno provided his wonderful music and song, adding so much to the afternoon.  Rev. Jerry Bellamy greeted guests with a benediction during the brief program which featured welcomes by board secretary Debby Aceves, committee chair Mary Louise Days, executive director Anne Petersen, and committee member Suzi Bellman.

Photo by Suzi Bellman.

The Singers: Russell C Ruiz, Elizabeth Erro Hvolboll Luis Moreno. Photo by Suzi Bellman.

Help during the food service was also provided by SBTHP members Terri Imwalle, Betty Dominguez, and C. Linda Romero.  Helen Cornell assisted Suzi with displays.  Board member Tim Aguilar was in attendance.  The beer was generously donated by board member Katie Hay.  Staff members Mike Imwalle (the tamale, rice and beans man), Alyssa Kichula and Sue Udden were indispensable.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year! For more photos by Suzi Calderon Bellman of this year’s luncheon, please visit our Flickr album here.

Mary Louise Days is a member of the board of directors of the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation and  the chair of SBTHP’s Genealogy and Descendants Committee. 



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